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Light (Lux, lucis in Latin). «Physical agent, one of the forms of energy to which eyes react, making things visible».

This magazine, supported by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, aims to be a converging point for brainstorming and generating useful materials for good governance. It is well aware of the unique opportunity to work for a contemporary humanism which adopts the challenges that the 21st century democracies are facing. Public policies must dig down to the roots for them to guarantee the future of an ethical and fair society. In this matter, the metropolitan administration is a governance tool for cities, and thus it cannot disregard the democratic transformation. This series of texts intend to lead this transformation and shed light on the idea of good governance that had illuminated the world during the Enlightenment.

Since 2021, the Transparency Agency has introduced the collection of monographs Quaderns Lux to publish in-depth articles on specific aspects of transparency, public integrity and good governance written by academics and professionals who are experts in these areas.

«Transparency and open government are a global trend that is transforming the functioning of public administrations worldwide. To improve the effectiveness and the results of public integrity policies, we need to learn mutually from the experiences and good practices being developed by the most innovative of the world's governments in this sphere. Barcelona Metropolitan Area cannot stand on the sidelines of this global dialogue. We want to participate in it with a voice of our own. The magazine Lux Barcelona aspires to be the medium through which AMB conveys metropolitan contributions to this dialogue, taking advantage of the great legacy of the humanities, with the challenge of advancing in good governance and public policies for future generations.»

Ada Colau Ballano, Mayor of Barcelona and President of AMB

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Quaderns Lux, No. 1 [in Catalan and Spanish]