Transparency evaluation

The Transparency Law establishes mechanisms to guarantee and strengthen the implementation of obligations provided in the Law. Apart from the system of resources it makes available, it establishes a procedure for external assessment by the Ombudsman (Sindicatura de Greuges in Catalan) as an independent institution. Their assessment work will be published in a general annual report, notwithstanding any other reports on specific organisations or material areas.

For the implementation of these mechanisms of evaluation, the Agency of Transparency has designed an own methodology that allows to deploy a system of monitoring of the information, the active publicity and the transparency, designated MIPAT, applicable to the AMB and to the entities of the metropolitan public sector.

The MIPAT configures like the main instrument that, by means of the direct observation of the information published to the places web, measures the level of publication of the contents established in the title II of the Law 19/2014 at the same time that allows to identify the fortresses and the existent lacks in the fulfillment of the obligations of active publicity. The system bases in 160 parameters, classified in categories and subcategories and differentiated in 5 levels of priority related to the public administrations and to the entities of the public sector. The results of the MIPAT systematise in an individual report that collects a numerical global assessment, a group of qualitative observations on the included parameters as well as recommendations and proposals of improvement. These documents are presented to the entities analysed with the object that have knowledge and promote the performances that are necessary to advance in the fulfillment to the obligations in matter of active publicity.

You can consult the methodology of the MIPAT and the group of indicators that integrate it in the following link:

Methodology of Information, Active Publicity and Transparency Monitoring System

List of indicators (April 2023)