Training in transparency

The AMB is committed to promote a culture based on the principles of transparency, public integrity and good governance, encouraging a systematic and structured knowledge of these matters, which is conveyed through the Aula de Transparència (Training in transparency), a continuous training programme. It is organised in collaboration with experts from universities and other organisations and administrations.

The sessions are aimed at AMB's transparency liaisons, anyone interested from metropolitan administration, management boards and technical staff of related institutions and service providers, and also to elected representatives and metropolitan council's staff or from other Catalan institutions or public administrations.

The subjects covered analyse the challenges and practical solutions concerning conduct codes, universal services of general interest, public procurement, right of access to public information, personal data protection, interest groups, documentary management, accountability, conflicts of interests, criminal risks, institutional integrity, corruption prevention, etc.

The Aula de Transparencia programme is structured into three types of training activities:

  • The Training Sessions are monographic specialised technical lectures that address the contents from an interdisciplinary point of view and are held either in person at the AMB's auditorium or online.
  • Every year, the Transparency Agency also organises International Seminars with the aim of promoting dialogue between experts, academics and professionals in public management and citizens, combining in-depth legal analysis with reflections from a comparative point of view.
  • The Transparency Dialogues are sessions in capsule format, focused on case studies or practical solutions applied to a specific area and given by specialists or researchers in the field, which take place in person in the Transparency Agency's training room or online.
  • The Integrity Workshops are internal training activities focused on issues of good governance, ethics, integrity and compliance and are intended for the management, technical and administrative staff most exposed to integrity risks arising from decision-making or the management of public funds.

In response to principles of efficiency, optimal use and reuse of public resources, you can find in this website the complete videos and materials presented in various sessions.