Demeter Programme

Demeter Programme

Transparency in gender equality as an instrument for innovation in good governance

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) Transparency Agency is responsible for coordinating actions and initiatives aimed at fostering transparency, facilitating the right of access to information and promoting good governance.

Gender equality and the goal of achieving a 50-50 balance between men and women in business, government and civil society constitute one of the targets of global governance, as expressed in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. In this respect, it is crucial for all public policies at all levels of government to mainstream the gender perspective.

Effective equality between men and women is a challenge, and also an opportunity, for many fields of the economy, politics and society. Barcelona Metropolitan Area is no exception and must take its share of responsibility to advance towards a more equal society.

The Transparency Agency has committed to promote gender equality at the AMB as one of its key areas for intervention in the framework of innovation in good governance and has backed the Demeter Programme , as an instrument to incorporate the gender perspective into transparency policies and good governance innovation projects to contribute towards achieving balance and joint responsibility between women and men.

This commitment became effective through the Barcelona Metropolitan Area Presidential Decree of 21 November 2017, whereby the AMB joined the Demeter Programme. Subsequently, at the meeting held on 28 November 2017, the AMB Metropolitan Council took note of this decree approving the implementation throughout the AMB and its dependent bodies of the proposals contained in the Demeter Programme for transparency in gender equality as an instrument for innovation in good governance.

Presidential Decree of 21 November 2017, on the accession of the AMB to the Demeter Programme for transparency in gender equality as an instrument for innovation in good governance [in Catalan]

Cognizance of the Metropolitan Council, of 28 November 2017, of the implementation of the Demeter Programme in the AMB and related entities [in Catalan]


  1. To incorporate the gender dimension into all data, fostering transparency in data visualisation and access, and reinforcing the principles of legality, equity and the promotion of equality.
  2. To encourage the diagnosis of those factors that are obstructing equal access by women to executive positions, applying the methodology of the Department of Employment of the Generalitat of Catalonia (Practical guide for diagnosing equality between women and men in companies and organisations [in Catalan])
  3. To publish and disseminate the results of the diagnosis on equality between women and men.
  4. To develop tools and boost training for the ongoing promotion of equal opportunities.
  5. To put in place effective measures of protection from sexual and gender harassment.
  6. To introduce special performance conditions in public procurement relating to the promotion of effective equality and preference in the awarding of contracts under certain circumstances for those tendering companies that have such measures in place.
  7. To assess the impact made on gender equality in the metropolitan area.

What do we offe?

  • Demeter Programme accreditation, which provides access to the Seal of Business Excellence in Gender Equality.
  • Support and guidance in the implementation of measures to diagnose and remedy gender imbalances.
  • Coordination and collaboration with the Women, Enterprise and Economy Observatory of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Catalan Women's Institute, the Department of Employment of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and the 50/50 Association.


Transparency in data on the real situation of women in various spheres will improve the diagnosis of reality, highlighting the situations of inequality that still persist in many fields.

Greater visibility of the part played by women should help to incorporate the gender perspective in all the decisions and initiatives of the metropolitan administration and should facilitate the adoption of policies that contribute to achieving effective equality between men and women in all spheres and at all levels of responsibility.

Demeter Programme


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