The Transparency Agency is made up of a permanent team, consisting of theDirector and the technical and administrative staff. This team coordinates the implementation of transparency, good governance and public integrity obligations established by legislation, and does so through collaboration with various AMB government departments, services, related bodies and service-providing companies.

To help in this mission, all units of the metropolitan administration and public sector entities have designated a reference person, called the "Transparency liaison", in order to convey the implementation of open government policies in their respective areas. This network of collaborators is made up of some thirty people who receive specialised training and serve as the permanent channel to help in meeting the Transparency Agency's requirements that affect their respective areas of competence, and for promoting compliance with the regulations on transparency, access to public information and good governance.

Organisational chart of the Transparency Agency, in accordance with the organisational structure approved by the Metropolitan Council on 21 December 2022, including the functions developed and the programmes managed by the different administrative units.