Whistleblower mailbox

The mission of the whistleblower mailbox is to promote compliance with the principles and rules of ethics and good governance that must be followed by elected officials, senior management and public servants of the metropolitan bodies and organisations. Thus, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area provides anyone with a whistleblower mailbox where anyone can report, with all the guarantees of confidentiality and anonymity established by the highest standards for the protection of the whistleblower, any malpractice in the functioning of the metropolitan administration.

The AMB's ethics mailbox is a secure, two-way channel of participation available to citizens and employees themselves against fraud, corruption and other practices that harm good metropolitan governance, and offers the possibility of attaching photographs, videos and other documents, as well as establishing and maintaining a space for constant and secure communication between the anonymous reporter and the AMB's Transparency Agency, which is the body that manages the mailbox.

The ultimate aim of the mailbox is to ensure that the management of metropolitan services is carried out with respect for democratic values and good administration, always seeking continuous improvement in the quality of public services.

Rights of the whistleblowers

Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law: Catalog of the rights of the whistleblowers [in Spanish] State Network of Anti-Fraud Offices and Agencies [15/12/2021]

Regulation of the operation of the Whistleblower Mailbox [in Catalan], approved definitively by the Metropolitan Council on 28/02/2023 and published in the BOP of 14/04/2023. Modification to align it with Law 2/2023, initially approved by the Metropolitan Council on 25/04/2023.

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